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Crystal Clear phone protectors
(2 for 1) Two for the front and back of your Iphone 4s or Iphone 5 screen protectors for just $9.99

Clarity and durability you can count on. Since 2010 we have delivering high quality clear lens protection for the GoPro camera system. Clear Mytuffstuff will keep your GoPro camera lens like new for just $9.99

Compatible with,
HD Helmet HERO
HD Motorsports HERO
  HD Surf HERO
  HD HERO Naked
 HD HERO 960
Helmet HERO Wide
  Motorsports HERO Wide
  Surf HERO
  Wide HERO 
Lens Replacement Kit
Our mission:
Protect GoPro
 cameras everywhere
Keep your camera like new; don't wait until it's too late. With mytuffstuff, you can do all the extreme things you enjoy without worry of damage to the lenses of your  camera. Most GoPro owners don't realize that the camera lens is unprotected when charging and it is very vulnerable at this time.  Our lens protection system comes with a complete set of lens protectors - eight for the GoPro case and four for the camera.  It is very easy to install and is virtually indestructible. Check out the videos to see all about our lens protection system.
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Watch protector
Phone protectors

$9.99 +S/H
Gopro hero r/c lens protector
Gopro hero r/c lens protector
NEW!!     Watch Crystal protection Protect your time piece with our extreamly clear protection
      Available from 15mm to 55mm
Gopro hero 3 lens protector covers
Check out examples of clarity below
Polarized lens protection for the gopro 3/3+ hero
Racing tearoffs for the GoPro 3/3+
Clear lens protection for the
 camera and case

Protect the crystal of you favorite time piece. MYTUFFSTUFF is the perfect solution to keep the most delicate part of your watch perfect as the day you bought it. Our crystal clear film is unmatched in clarity and durability. Protect it now before it is to late for just $9.99

Polarized lens protection for the GoPro 3 hero. Not only will you protect you original lens you will get the added benifit of a polarization neutral density filter.
 Polarized lens protection for the GoPro3 Hero
for Just $9.99 Plus S/H
We at Mytuffstuff have been bringing the clearest most durable lens protection since 2010. Protect your camera with ultimate protection for your GoPro 2/3/3+. Keep your original lens's perfectly new. Eliminate chipping/scratching/fogging and now available in racing tearoffs!
212 MPH at Bonneville speed week with lens protection on all the cameras 212 MPH at  salt flats with lens protection on all the cameras 
Image clairity example.
  From Kent Elliot of Canyon Run Video
professional video shot with our lens protection on all the cameras
GoPro camera only no case protected with mytuffstuff, on R.C. plane
New! lens protection that's fog free!
protect your GoPro hero3/3+ with 
our new film, Its extreamly durable 
and is fog resistant, it will keep the
 inside and the outside of the lens
 fog free and protect the lens from 
scratching. Check out the 
For just $19.99